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Who: Max Caulfield [personal profile] mypartnerintime and Chloe Price [personal profile] mypartnerincrime
When: Evening of October 9 to morning of October 10 in Life is Strange (while Max went into the picture to save William)
Where: Chloe's house/room
What: Staying up to research all night in a coffee-laden slumber party

[OOC: This is a practice log to help me and Chloe-mun get into character with our new muses.]

Max thought Chloe must be pretty embarrassed about her outburst on the way to Blackwell earlier, given the invitation to stay up all night and look into the Kate/Rachel situation. Whether or not that was the case, she was glad- enthusiastic even- for the chance to make things better, and just hang out with her best friend in the whole world. Two sleepovers in a row? Hella yes! she thought, almost giddy with excitement in the passenger seat of Chloe's pick-up. The fact that Chloe didn't seem pissed anymore was a big bonus too. She shot the blue haired girl a grin.

Little did Max know that she- another Max, somehow- was currently walking along the beach next to Chloe in a wheelchair, in the real timeline. This sleepover wasn't actually happening- yet. That was the weird sort of time travel stuff she hadn't quite figured out yet.

She got down from Chloe's pick-up and gingerly closed the door, wary of waking up David or Joyce. She wasn't even sure if David was still home, but didn't want to take the chance. She whispered to Chloe in the dim light of driveway, "You better have a ton of coffee in there. Otherwise you can't blame me if I fall asleep."

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Chloe was pissed.

Finding out about Rachel and Frank was not an easy thing to forget... or even forgive. But she had to shake it off. Shake off the feelings of betrayal, anger and severe disappointment with Rachel. Right now, it was more important to find her. After all, Chloe thought, Rachel still my angel. And nothing can change how important she is to her.

So that night, Chloe picked up Max from her dorm and drove them to her house. Despite her outburst earlier, Max was still so willing to help her out. Super Max always to the rescue. Chloe smiled as they got out the car. "Yes Max. There's tons of coffee inside. And besides," she winked at her best friend as they were making their way to the house, "If we can't find the coffee, I have enough weed in my closet to wake you up."

Chloe climbed the stairs, followed closely by Max. Shit. The top step creaked. Chloe held up a hand to stop Max. She glanced at the bedroom door to their left. Hope that doesn't wake up Mom and the step-douche or we're gonna be in a hella trouble. Seconds passed, Chloe unmoving, but the bedroom door remained closed. With a final look at the door, Chloe signaled Max to keep going.

Before Max could even reach the top step, Chloe had already opened the door to her own bedroom. She turned on the light and was greeted with a mess on her bed. But this wasn't her usual cigarette-butts-on-the-desk-clothes-on-the-floor-mess. No, the bed was covered with piles of papers with type-written reports on them and opened notebooks with scribbled notes. This was everything-- everything and anything that she and Max had gathered about Rachel's disappearance and Kate's sick memory so far.

Where to begin?

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"Let's get to it then."

Chloe made her way to the bed, past the scattered party posters and empty beer bottles on her floor. Everything seemed so unimportant now. The only thing that mattered was finding Rachel.

She stared down at all the scraps of papers on her bed and after a second or two, picked up Nathan's sketch where he had repeatedly written "Rachel in the dark room... Rachel in the dark room..." What the fuck is the dark room? Chloe could feel her eyes starting to water at the thought of her Rachel somewhere dark and alone... but she fought it down. She clenched her free hand into a fist. Nathan you sick bastard. You better pray that Rachel is okay.

Because if she isn't,
Chloe put down the sketch, I will hunt you down and kill you, you motherfucker.

The room was sickeningly quiet. She didn't want to admit it but it was starting to creep her out-- the dark silence coupled with images of Nathan's obssession over Rachel. Chloe turned her radio on but made sure to lower the volume so it doesn't wake up her mom and David. She turned to Max and grinned, "I hope you don't mind some music. It'll help me get into the whole secret-spy mood."
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Chloe looked at Max and nodded. "Definitely."

Silence. Then--

"Well... Any thoughts?"
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Chloe hovered above Max and rolled her eyes. "Wake up Super Max. There are no aliens in Arcadia Bay. Only shitheads like Nathan Prescott."

"Okay." She sat on the other side of the bed and moved all the papers to the middle. "If Kate is telling the truth, then I think it's safe to say that Nathan was lying. Unless Kate's the liar," Chloe snorted, "which is more unlikely."

"Which means," she looked at Max seriously. "Nathan took Kate somewhere else..."

Chloe's eyes found Nathan's sketch again on top of the pile of papers. "The dark room maybe?" she murmurred. But is it even a real place or just a figment of Nathan's fucked up imagination?

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Chloe frowned too. "Something sharp..." She looked around her room and her eyes fell on the empty beer bottles strewn across her floor.

"Like what? Broken glass? A knife?"

But it didn't sound right. Something didn't add up. Surely Kate would have felt it if she was being stabbed. It would definitely be more than just "something sharp."

And then Chloe's mind flew to yesterday, when she and Max were in the junkyard shooting bottles. They were there, thrown so casually on the ground.


And suddenly, she was sickened. Sickened at the thought of what could have happened to Kate. Chloe closed her eyes. She could see herself lying in Nathan's room and now, she could see Kate in the exact same position; eyes half open, mouth gaping, pale as fuck.

Chloe opened her eyes. She knew she had just turned pale as fuck as well. Did Rachel suffer the same fate as Kate?

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"Max... Kate was drugged wasn't she?"

Suddenly, Chloe couldn't bear to be just sitting there. She scrambled off her bed, kicking some of the papers by accident as she hastened to stand up.

"Kate was drugged," she repeated, looking at Max. "Over and over again," she continued, as she paced around the room. Chloe couldn't keep still. Her bedroom, which was usually her sanctuary, her place of comfort-- now felt cramped and somehow suffocating. She needed to get out. She couldn't just do nothing. She had to something.

Chloe faced her bedroom door, with her back turned on Max. "He drugged her. First at the party then again, when he brought her to- to wherever he brought her."

He fucking drugged her. Just like he did to me. And maybe, just like he did to Rachel. Chloe stared at her door. She was furious. You sick coward. You've been drugging girls to get them to go with you, to get them to where you want them.

Chloe took out her phone and checked the time. It was past 1:00AM. Fucking bastard must be holed up in his dorm room right now. Good. She turned around to face Max. "Come on Max," Chloe said, without the slightest hint of amusement. "Time to pay that shithead a visit."

She placed her hand on the doorknob. David's gun is gonna be shooting at something bigger than empty bottles tonight.
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Chloe looked at her best friend. Max had a pleading look on her face, begging Chloe to stay with her. Chloe turned to her radio; she had forgotten that she put on some music. She could hear the song, softly playing in the background.

How do you feel?
How do you feel?
I can't seem to see through solid marble eyes...

Seconds passed. The song continued, filling the silence between Max and Chloe.

"Alright Moral Max," Chloe heard herself say after a while. She looked at her best friend again. "You win."

Chloe let go of the doorknob and held Max's hand instead. "We figure out where he took her first," she said through the music, "and then we bust him."

She sighed. Chloe hated not doing anything. Worst of all, she hated admitting the Max was right...again. But she was. And Chloe was fucking glad to have her best friend with her. Being with Max right now was the only straight-up, good thing about this whole mess.

"Okay Bat-Max, lead the way," she was still holding Max's hand. "Your faithful sidekick is right here."
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Chloe grinned. "You are such a dork. You can get some of your precious coffee downstairs, if you're up to the whole sneaking-and-trying-not-to-wake-the-rents act again."

"Otherwise," she took out a bottle of beer from her cabinet. "You'd have to settle with this or," she picked up a fresh cigarette from her desk, "this. Your pick."

Chloe opened the bottle and helped herself to some beer.After downing half of the bottle, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Better. Nothing like some good ol' reliable alcohol to calm the nerves.

"Okay," she walked to Max, who was looking at the paper stack on the bed. "Why don't we go through all this shit first to check if there's anything here that can help us find where Nathan brought Kate?"

She took another gulp of beer. "Unless you want to get your coffee first?"
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"I think it is," Chloe answered Max. "Sorry but I don't take coffee with my bacon and eggs."

She watched as Max exited the bedroom, leaving her with all the crap on her bed. Nathan's sketch was still on top of the pile, catching her attention. Chloe picked it up, no longer feeling creeped out. I'll find you Rachel. I promise. She threw it back to the pile.

Chloe reached for her beer bottle but it was already empty. So she took the fresh cigarette she offered Max earlier and lit it for herself instead. Chloe took a long drag before exhaling. She stood in the middle of her room for a while, marveling at how shitty her room had become while absentmindedly tapping her foot to the song's beat. She took another long drag. I better do something while Max is gone.

With the cigarette between her lips, Chloe bent down to her bed and started looking through the papers.

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Chloe could have kissed Max. "Of course!" She grabbed her best friend and gave her a squeeze. "Max Caulfield, you are a genius!"

Chloe put out her cigarette in the ash tray and left it there. She took Frank's journal and flipped through the pages. "Look." In the journal was a long list of what seemed to be delivery schedules for Frank's clients. But there were no names on the list.... Just--

"Dog breeds. He hid his clients' names in dog breeds. 'Pug', 'Chihuahua'... All dogs. I seriously doubt Frank was selling dope to dogs." He loves them too much.

"Which means," she looked up at Max. "Frank has a code and we need to get it from him so we know which one of these deliveries are Nathan's." Chloe looked back at the journal. She was mildly impressed. "Huh. Who knew that dog-loving fucker had brains after all?"
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Chloe did not know what she'd do without Max. She'd probably still be posting Missing Person posters all over Blackwell, with no fucking clue on how to even start looking for Rachel. But with Max's help, finding Rachel seemed so possible... easy even. Chloe looked at Max fondly. Shit, I owe her so much.

Determined to keep the momentum going, Chloe crossed her room and headed to her door. "I have an idea."
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Chloe crept downstairs-- making sure to avoid the stupid creaky step-- and headed to their backyard. It was pretty dark inside their house but Max's flashlight was lighting their way. She opened their back door and stepped into the cool night. It was much colder than when they had arrived in the driveway hours ago. There was no longer a need for Max's light though; the stars and moon were shining brighter than Chloe had ever seen. Too bright even. Okay, that's actually kinda weird.

Chloe looked around the yard for a few seconds, her eyes adjusting to the new surroundings. And then she found it. Propped up on the other side of the backyard was the old wooden board she and Max used to draw on when they were kids. Bingo. Chloe hurriedly walked towards the board then glanced at Max. "Mind giving me a hand Super Max?"
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The trip back to her room was much harder. Obviously. Max could no longer use her phone as a flashlight since she was helping Chloe carry the board. Chloe had to walk extra slowly to make sure she didn't knock anything over. Shit, this is heavier than I thought. Wordlessly, they climbed the stairs and opened the door to Chloe's room. The music was still playing when they entered.

Chloe gestured to a small space near her bed. "Over here Max."

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Chloe picked up Frank's journal from the bed and pinned it at the center of the board. "There," she told Max. "This is where we start. This is where we connect the dots."

Chloe could see the faded images underneath the journal. How strange it was to see their colored-in drawings were now covered with evidences of a potential kidnapping. How long has it been? The entire memory felt like it was from another lifetime. Life- my life - has gotten so fucked up. But at least I still have Max. She turned to her best friend. And I'm not losing her again.

Max was looking at her too. "What?"

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Chloe put her arm around her best friend. "You got that right. We're still the best fucking pirates in Arcadia Bay. And you have the most fucking awesome first mate ever-- that's me, in case you didn't get it."

She grinned at Max. "Together, we're gonna kick some major ass. Thanks to your super powers, we are definitely unstoppable."

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Chloe chuckled. "Oh Max, you were always the serious-let's-get-down-to-business one." But after a second or two, her smile faltered. "But you're right. Work. This is important. For Rachel."

She turned her attention back to the battered journal pinned on the board. There has got to be an easier way to trace Nathan and Frank's little business deals, Chloe thought.

And then she had yet another brilliant idea. "You know, we've already gone through Frank's RV... Nathan's dorm room should be next. There's bound to be some dirt there that we can use."


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