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The door to room four on the third floor is made entirely of glass, with a small shiny handle. Beyond it, blocking further view into the rest of the area, is a plain white wall with a simple black sign:

The Second Gallery
Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one Second.

A small spotlight above the door shines onto the sign, drawing a gentle circle of light around it. The wall itself stands alone in the center of a small room. Moving around the wall reveals an archway behind it that opens up into the gallery itself.

The gallery is not actually large. Photos are hung against plain walls, each set against a white backdrop within a thin brown frame. Beside each photo is a small sign that includes the year the photo was taken and other information. The floor is covered with an almost-black carpet, while the ceiling is white, with small spotlights here and there, angled toward the photos. Throughout the gallery are wooden couches with thick white cushions, and small wooden coffee-tables with thick books on specific photographers and their work: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Salvador Dalí, and Robert Doisneau among others.

All along the bottom of the walls are words written in neat cursive: the entire text of the first chapter of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, running from one end of the gallery to the other, and repeating as often as needed. Interspersed among the words are simple drawings of Alice, or the White Rabbit, or other characters from the story.

There are currently only two rooms adjoining the gallery: the first is marked as The First Gallery and contains several paintings and other works, including one large eye-catching painting of an unidentified nobleman, hung prominently.

The second room is empty except for a small table and a sign that simply says: "Please leave any submissions to be added to The Second Gallery here, either printed or on a media storage device. Otherwise, contact Max Caulfield at room seven, third floor."

On the way out of the gallery, visitors will notice that the back of the wall that first greeted them has a short message:

Thank You
and remember these seconds always

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It's not the most well staged picture. It's the kind you'd find on someone's Instagram. No framing, no rule of threes, no real artistry. Just a picture.

It's evening in summer. From the light, it looks like it's about sunset. There are a few people in the background, as well as a telescope off to the side, blurry from the distance. The subject is a tall skeleton wearing handmade armor and a red scarf, bending to inspect an outdoor grill. It looks like a candid shot. The skeleton's grin is huge and wide. He's clearly happy, even if he's a bit blurry. Get it?

Title Papyrus
By: Unknown
Year: 2016
Subject: Papyrus

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