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[OOC: A few days after her first entry. Spoiler alert still applies.]

October 19

It's so hard pretending none of this ever happened. (Did it, actually?) Time travel is nuts. Maybe I'm the one who's got her head on sideways.

Episode 3: Chaos Theory
It' nice how much Chloe listens listened to me even when she ignores ignored everyone else. Like that time I told her not to take the handicap fund money. She looked at me like a disappointed doggy and it was hard to say no.

And if she looked disappointed there, man did she look worse the next morning when I didn't kiss her! Facepalm! It totally came out of nowhere and by the time I thought of rewinding I was already downstairs. So dumb that I thought I could wait for the right moment. Overthinking much? Missed your chance, Max...

At least I got my act together in time to stand up to David for her. It seemed like he deserved it. I've always been on Chloe's side, even if it's not 100% obvious to her.

And I think keeping Pompidou from harm was something we were both cool with, as well as giving her back the gun Frank stole. I said I don't like guns, but I was starting to get the idea that shit was messed up in Blackwell, or even the whole of Arcadia Bay. She needed something even if I had "the power."

Though that's a mixed blessing, because I did a Marty McFly and fucked up big time.

Episode 4: The Dark Room
Oh my God I do not want to Long story short, I just couldn't let Chloe go. I'm so sorry Chloe- I love you too much. I hated seeing you in all that pain, but it was too much to ask me to do that. I fixed it, didn't I? For a while Life is so fucking unfair.

Hang in there Max...

It was great to see the blue-hair-punk Chloe, and to get back into PI adventures. There were a couple of freaky moments, like when I had to stop Warren from channeling the Hulk on Nathan, and when we had to confront Frank which thankfully ended up with no one hurt (all praise the rewind, it's good for something I guess).

The day obviously got worse after that. I think I'll pass on writing out the details. Strangely enough, Victoria believed me when I warned her about Nathan (she really isn't bad at heart), but that just ended up with her in the Dark Room. Great job again, Max.
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