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[OOC: A day after her previous entry. Spoiler alert still applies.]

October 20

Hello Max, when was the last time you were off campus at night, since it reopened? Taking any more unplanned naps by the Tobanga?

Episode 5: Polarized
I'm glad I didn't tell David the truth about Chloe when he rescued me from the Dark Room. I'm at maximum capacity for grief as it is. Who knows what he would have done- and it was clear on his face how much he loved her.

I think I'd been a little hard on David, but the guy was totally in everyone's faces at the time. He and Joyce have been doing better, especially since I convinced Joyce to give him another chance. Wait, that didn't actually happen right? Wowser Max, you are messed up. At least you can count on yourself to be the nice girl even in alternate timelines.

Like when I hugged Warren, though admittedly I needed that as much as he did. Probably more. Recently he's been trying way too hard to cheer me up. Smothering me is more like it.

Avoiding the topic much? I'm actually writing about David and Warren.

I think I'll binge on cereal and look through some old photos. Obviously not the ones that don't exist anymore... Spilling the beans doesn't seem to have taken off- maybe it's time to call it quits. I'll be back to writing when something new actually happens.


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