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October 30 (I think?)


06: Enter the next adventure [Text | Action] with Robin, Alex, Sharon, Carl & Ellie
09: Braaaaains [Log] with Evelyn
14: Overeager imagination [Text] with Dipper
15: Still want more vintage! [Log] with Alex, Sirius & Bobby
15: Caulfield. Max Caulfield. (Sounds terrible) [Log] with Sharon
15: Fairly friendly fowl [Log] with Nageki
17: Selfie in the rain... with an actual skeleton [Log] with Sans
20: Lasers pew pew! [Log] with Agent Washington
22: Nightmares for the sleep deprived [Text | Action] with Alex
28: I miss them either way [Text] with Robin

02: Why do sharks always get mentioned? [Text | Action] with Ellie
02: Call me Spaceman Spiff [Text] with Athena
03: Your random act of kindness [Text | Action] with Chara
05: Turn on the infinite improbability drive! [Text | Video] with Mabel & Dipper
06: Enter the mysteriosity [Log] with Alex & Stan
07: Unicorns make everything better [Log] with Nageki
10: Not-so-everyday hero [Log] with The Flash
11: All days are mixed blessings [Text | Action] with Alex, Michonne, Henry, Lily, Chara, Mabel & Dipper
12: Fair warning [Text] with Sans
12: You saw that FF reference a mile away [Text] with Philip
13: If I say Twilight Zone one more time... [Log] with Chara, Henry, Alex, Dipper, Wirt, Peridot & Lily
15: Single awareness day [Text] with Alex
17: Choo chooooo [Text] with Emma
18: Curtains part; the big reveal [Voice] with Chara
21: Panic panic [Text | Voice] with Alex
21: Don't panic don't panic [Text] with Sans
21: I'm still a believer [Text] with Chara
21: Trying to be okay [Text | Action] with Soos
22: That's what you get Max... [Text] with Alex
23: I suppose we're just passing the time [Text] with Alex
23: Never doubt the pre-teen in a baseball cap [Text] with Dipper
24: I never run, only walk briskly [Text] with Sans
25: Do it before I freak [Text | Action] with Chara
27: Supposedly things are okay [Voice | Action] with Alex, Dipper & Sans
29: She lived [Log] with Wash

03: Hello, Wonderland :) [Log] with Chloe
10: Apparently hardcore [Text] with Chloe (backdated from the 14th)
10: Make a wish [Log] with Chloe (backdated from the 21st)
12: Max Caulfield goes professional..? [Text] with Darcy
12: All about relationships and rewinds [Log] with Frisk
14: You must be crazy, said the cat [Text] with Alex
14: The photo-ing thing [Log] with Alex & Chloe
21: Bring your own poses [Log] with Michonne
22: DD&D four D win [Text] with Dipper
27: Cerberus, of course [Text] with Sans
29: I'm somewhere I don't know [Text | Action] with River & Chloe

02: What an asshole... [Log] with Alex
03: Guess that'll leave a scar... [Action] with Chloe & Victor
04: Against brick walls [Text] with Chara
05: Sometimes being emotional is fun... sometimes [Text] with Henry
05: Hey, look, a therapist [Text] with Cami
05: Just a shit event [Text] with Alex
09: Just plain old brownies [Log] with Chloe (backdated from the 14th)
10: Are raptors worse than zombies? [Log] with Ellie
10: Talk about production value [Log] with Billy
10: Maybe he was trying to feed it [Log] with Steve
10: Two old-school creatures [Log] with Elizabeth
10: Nothing like a good movie to forget a bad week [Log] with Wash
16: Brains? Brains. [Video | Text | Action] with Chloe, Sans, Alex, Simon, Chara, Victor, Dipper, Sharon & Stan
16: Endure and survive [Voice] with Ellie
18: Pretty fun-guy [Text] with Sans
18: Why don't they call them queens? [Text | Action] with Nageki
19: Ahoy! [Action] with Dipper
20: All part of the rising action [Dear Player] with Alex
24: Not a crazy person- a superhero! [Text | Action] with Natasha

02: Bookishness has its perks [Log] with Lily
02: Photographers are dangerous, don't you know [Text] with Henry
02: Three's a crowd but four is cute [Action] with Sans
02: Here to stay? [Text] with Blake
11: Literally just an RSVP [Text] with Evelyn
13: The return of the geek [Log] with Alex
13: A wallflower and a something [Log] with Chara
13: Michonne, esquiress [Log] with Michonne
13: Insanely classy tux [Log] with Victor
17: Cake is really the bare minimum [Text] with Sans
18: Future generations would want to see [Text] with Selina
20: You're the good dog! [Log] with Sirius
20: Hopefully it doesn't topple in the breeze [Log] with Frisk
20: Hi ghosts! Say cheese! [Log] with Chloe

04: ¡uıʍ əɥʇ ɹoɟ ʎɥdɐɹɓoʇoɥԀ [Mirror!Log] with mirror!Alex
04: pəɥsɐɯs ʇou ʻuəʞoɹઘ [Mirror!Log] with mirror!Cullen
05: ¡¡¡ɹɹɹɐoooooɹ [Mirror!Log] with mirror!Ellie
05: ǝıp oʇ ƃuıoƃ ןןɐ ǝɹɐ ʎǝɥʇ [Mirror!Log] with mirror!Frisk
07: Mirrors have feelings too [Mirror-Writing] with mirror!River
07: I'm trying to be nice [Text] with Chara
07: The Queen of Hearts [Mirror-Writing] with The Queen of Hearts
07: Cake is <3 [Text] with Ellie
08: I do actually know who I am [Text] with Bill
09: Tinker, tailor, soldier [Voice] with Alex
10: Oh god please no sharks [Text] with Dipper
11: Answers are an expensive currency [Voice | Video] with The Duchess
15: People like lists, right? Top three things? [Video] with York, Nageki, Mabel, Elizabeth, Neal, Sans, Amethyst, Chloe, Steve, Anders, Mikan, Simon, Alex, Shepard, Alphys, Jane, Sarah, Lily, Jo, Stan, Emma & Kurt
22: How did this turn into a CGI chat? [Text] with Alex
22: Not alone [Text] with Jane
22: Especially the gory ones [Text] with Elizabeth
22: Seriously dude [Text] with Henry
23: SERIOUSLY [Text] with Chloe & Henry
23: ¡puəıɹɟ oๅๅəH [Mirror-Writing] with Chloe
25: The Halloween I missed out on [Log] with Chloe & Alex
25: They're like gummy bears that joined the Dark Side [Video] with Chloe
29: You better not bring about the end of all things [Text] with Len

05: [Action] with Chloe
09: Don't get lost in there Victor [Log] with Victor
09: Moulin Todd? Sweeney Rouge? [Log] with Mettaton, River, Chloe, Elizabeth, Arya, Chara, Frisk, Dorian, Alex & Jane
10: A sad dinosaur :( [Text] with Alphys
12: Max Caulfield, Dragon Warrior [Text] with Souji
14: ¿¡¿ʞo əɹɐɔ əʞɐʇ [Mirror-Writing] with Chloe
19: Blue happens to be my favorite [Voice | Action] with Sans
21: MIA only please [Text] with Dipper, Sans, Adaline, Damon, Peridot, Sam & Shepard
22: This will work just fine [Text] with Henry
22: Four years! Shit. [Log] with Alex
24: Boring holes in your memory, huh... [Text] with Ford
31: Just the bare minimum. [Log] with Sans

05: All those poor X-Men [Text | Action | Voice] with Chloe, Frisk, Alphys, Sans, Mettaton & Michonne
06: Mutants come in all sorts [Log] with Nageki
06: Sweet dreams are made of cheese [Log] with Stan
07: I don't have to tell you [Log] with Bruce
09: Strange strangeness [Log] with River
10: It's so the aliens can't read our minds [Text] with Tracer
10: Humans are squishy I guess? [Text] with Peridot
10: That escalated quickly [Log] with Albus
15: Flabébébébé [Text] with Chara
16: Maximum fangirl [Log] with Mettaton
17: Just a muggle here [Text] with Albus
17: It's a purrate [Action] with Sans
17: My name is Frisk. Frisk Frisk. [Action] with Frisk
18: People that do [Log] with Bruce
18: I can't leave you [Action] with Chloe
20: Maybe that is my fault [Text] with Alex
21: Pics for kicks [Text] with Alphys
22: The Wonderland Option [Text] with Will

01: ʞɔəɥɔ puɐ ʞɔəɥƆ [Log] with Chara
01: The Silver Surfer...'s shades [Log] with The Duchess
03: Photoception [Log] with Peter
03: A strange Wonderland veteran [Log] with Coraline
03: Play that funky music [Log] with Elizabeth & Chloe
04: ¡uɐɯəๅəʞs ʻəๅıɯS [Log] with Sans
04: Break out the mad PI skills [Text | Action] with Elizabeth
05: Wonderland bull [Voice] with Sans
05: ¡pəʌɹəS [Log] with Chloe
08: Now THAT'S a fourth wall breach! [Log] with Napstablook, Stefan, Regis, Sans, Rebekah & Sam
10: I've gone over the edge, my friend... [Video | Voice | Text | Action] with River, Shepard, Anders, Chloe, Nageki, Jane & Damon - Listen to this
10: sɓuıɥʇ ɟo ʇoๅ ɐ ʎɐs səɔıoʌ əɥ⊥ [Voice] with mirror!Frisk
10: ¡ʇno ๅๅoଧ [Action] with Mettaton
11: I spy... [Text] with Jane
11: The days seems colder now [Log] with Ellie
12: Another Alabaman Arrival [Voice] with Tim
13: ...Was it Coraline or Caroline? Can't remember [Text | Video] with Coraline
14: Everyone's taking vacations... [Text] with Sans
21: ♪Happy birthday to you!♪ [Video | Voice | Text | Action] with Alphys, Frisk, Mettaton, Sans, Chara, Mikan, Elena, Elizabeth, Nageki, Trish, Coraline, Amethyst, Chloe & Steve
26: A strange gallery indeed [Text] with Dorian
26: A very hot entrance [Voice] with Henry
26: What Ellie's friends are like [Text] with Ellie

06: Burple it up [Text] with Dustin
07: I hope the dungeons are cozy [Text] with Shaun
07: You're not always you [Text] with Anonymous
07: Show me your best Kermit [Text | Action] with Frisk
08: Would you kindly sing this song? [Action] with Elizabeth
10: Maybe Chloe will like it... [Text | Action] with Jane
10: A Strange anniversary [Action] with Chloe
18: He's gonna overdo it, isn't he? [Text] with Joel
22: And straight on 'til morning [Log] with Chloe, Nageki, Sans, Michonne & Dustin
24: Anything for you..... [Log] with Chloe & Tim
27: Weirdos are in [Text] with Sans
28: An awfully formal reply [Text] with Nageki

08: Pictures are always worth so many words [Log] with Stefan
09: Everybody lies. [Text] with George
11: Creative solutions to classic puzzles [Log] with Sans
11: Lights, camera,... [Log] with Tim
11: Squeak squeak squeak [Log] with Cisco
17: Teleport, meet rewind [Text] with Sans
19: Mix! [Action] with Ellie
21: A little midnight dip [Text] with Minato
23: Hmm. What a mystery... [Video] with Chloe
23: Goodbye, Papyrus [Text] with Sans

4: Resistance is futile! [Log] with Legion
5: A monster [Text] with Toriel
5: Another death... [Text] with Norman
7: Liar [Mirror-Writing] with mirror!Tim
8: Whole hours disappear when I take pictures [Text] with Sarah
16: ¡əๅqıɹ-əɹoɔ spunoS [Mirror-Writing] with Frisk
17: Hit that rewind [Log] with Tim
17: Joke's on you, though [Log] with Sans
17: Marshmallow World [Log] with Coraline
22: They're always sorta the same [Log] with Chara

25: Is this a secret santa? [Action] with Elizabeth?
29: Cipher away! [Text] with Dipper

Christmas gifts
Ellie, Dipper, Sharon, Nageki, Sans, Chara, Michonne, Henry, Steve, Elizabeth, Simon and Jo, Victor, Anders, Alphys, Jane, Mettaton, Coraline, Peter, Stefan, Dustin

Gifts to me
Dustin, Michonne, Stefan, Mettaton, Steve, Peter


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