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Age: 19ish
Things I'm a-okay with:
  • Platonic phsyical affection (she's gonna be awkward though)
  • Romance (good luck with that, though, Chloe's around!) including physical affection
  • Threats
  • Non-crippling injuries
  • Telepathy, mind-reading, etc. (it's not all neat in there)
  • Backtagging and threadjacking
Things we need to talk about:
  • Major injuries and death
  • Intense assaults, physical or otherwise
  • Fourth-wall breaches


Rewinds: Max can rewind time by a few minutes.
  • She is unaffected by the rewind. She stays in the same place, holds on to any items on her person (they do not return to their original location or state), and remembers everything that happened.
  • All other people and things return to the original state and position. No one else remembers what happened during the portion of time that was rewound (with a few exceptions).
  • In Wonderland, she cannot use this to 'resurrect' someone who has died.
  • When using this too often within a short span of time, Max gets nose-bleeds, then migraines, and finally falls unconscious.
  • OOCly, the rewinds make use of thread branches. If at one point during a thread, Max rewinds, her next comment (2/2) will be a reply to a prior comment from your character, creating a new branch in the thread. The old branch will be forgotten- except by Max and the few exceptions. Here is an example!
Time-stops: Max can stop time for a few minutes.
  • Under extreme duress, attempting to rewind too often can fully stop time.
  • Except that it takes an extreme amount of mental effort, Max is unaffected. She can move and interact with the world around her.
  • This counts as using her rewinds too often and can result in severe physical/mental consequences.
Picture rewinds: Using pictures of herself, Max can temporarily travel back to the point where the picture was taken.
  • The picture must include an image of herself (reflections count).
  • Max 'possesses' her younger body, physically becoming as she was in the picture, but retains her memories and mental state.
  • When using this power, she cannot leave the immediate area where the picture was taken.
  • After a few minutes, she returns to the present, re-inhabiting her present body.
  • She will not know what changes occurred in the present due to the things she did in the past. For example, if she goes into the past and writes a message on a wall, that message will be on the wall in the present (if no one erased it), but she will not know who has read it or what other consequences it has had. Nor will she know what she has done between writing the message and returning to the present (as though her body was on auto-pilot).

Wow, you read this far? There's a handy-dandy form below if you'd like to let me know how much timey-wimey stuff Max can do with your character!

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