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I guess I gotta put myself out there. Hit me back, brah!
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[Her voice is light and cheerful on the pre-recorded message.]

Do the thing!
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[OOC: This is written almost a week after the events of the game, so it contains spoilers.]

October 16

Last week has got to be the most insane week of my life. Between all the Mad Maxing and Time Lording I can barely remember what happened. Maybe it'll help to write about it.

Let's recap... )

I don't know how much this is helping. Need some time alone...
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[OOC: A few days after her first entry. Spoiler alert still applies.]

October 19

It's so hard pretending none of this ever happened. (Did it, actually?) Time travel is nuts. Maybe I'm the one who's got her head on sideways.

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[OOC: A day after her previous entry. Spoiler alert still applies.]

October 20

Hello Max, when was the last time you were off campus at night, since it reopened? Taking any more unplanned naps by the Tobanga?

Good thing you're too sleepy to think straight... )

I think I'll binge on cereal and look through some old photos. Obviously not the ones that don't exist anymore... Spilling the beans doesn't seem to have taken off- maybe it's time to call it quits. I'll be back to writing when something new actually happens.
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[Some pages of her journal are more worn than others, crumpled slightly at the edges from when she read and reread them.]

Chloe Price - [2016: March 11, June 27, October 24; 2017: February 1]
Alex Kralie - [2016: April 4]
Chara - [2016: February 24]
Sans - [2016: July 21, September 8]
Tim Wright - [2016: November 11]
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Please see the example of rewinds in the comments!
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Until I can post on, I've decided to post the prologue of my Life is Strange fanfic, "is Strange" here on Max's journal! It shows how I imagine the week after Chloe's (final) death in the game. It acts as a sort of epilogue to Life is Strange, and a prologue to Wonderland, so there's not so much of a core conflict.

Since this is just the prologue, it's relatively short. Enjoy!

is Strange

One whole week. That’s how much of Max Caulfield’s life disappeared after her final rewind. For a moment all she could hear was the gunshot ringing out in the bathroom, the sound of a body hitting the floor- Chloe’s body, her blue-haired best friend, punk and geek and sweetheart all rolled into one, in a pool of blood. Nathan’s panicked ramblings and Max’s own quiet, shaking breaths, desperately trying to hide the sobs that built and built in her chest.

Then nothing for a while. It was hard to say how much of it was the transition between October 7 and October 11, and how much was her just shutting down. Tuning out.

Then, finally, the sound of the sea lapping against a rocky cliff. Seagulls squawking overhead. And the wind, so gentle and quiet, rustling leaves and stroking her cheek, her hair, as she stood next to the bench Chloe sat on, next to the lighthouse Chloe used to visit, next to the cliff where Chloe hugged her goodbye. The sea stretched out in sparkling blues and greens, with small boats disappearing into the distance, and an infinite, cloudless sky overhead. The whole world seemed to move at an incredibly slow and calm pace, as though silently exhaling a long, deep breath in the final hours of daylight. Arcadia Bay went on with its late afternoon routine like it hadn’t been on the verge of destruction only an hour before.

Because it hadn’t been. Chloe had fixed the entire timeline when she gave herself up.

Max’s fists clenched and unclenched, with equal parts of hatred and grief, staring at the town.

The sun inched down toward the sea as Max made her way to the cemetery. The winding path down the hill was longer than she remembered, and quieter, too. Even her thoughts reduced themselves to a dull nothingness as she walked with very deliberate steps, focusing only on the ground in front of her. Leaves crunched underfoot, squirrels darted between trees, and none of it registered.

Then the funeral.

It was hard to stand there and watch Chloe be lowered into the ground. She could hear David’s stuttering attempts to comfort Joyce as she sobbed into his shoulder, having to deal with another loss in her dwindling family. The priest said something distressingly generic. Max shut it all out, and thought about how this person- this girl that no one thought anything of- deserved so much more than a plain coffin and a tiny spot in the town cemetery. There should have been hundreds of people, so many flowers, so many thank yous… but the town had no idea that Chloe Price had saved them. And it probably never would.

Time spun by so quickly. Just a little while ago Max and Chloe had been talking… and now the coffin was disappearing into the ground, and people were throwing soil into the hole, and Max couldn’t even remember what day it was, in what timeline.

It was all too fast.

After the funeral everyone knew to leave her alone. She found a quiet spot underneath a tree and broke down. She shook and sobbed against her arms, knees pulled up against her chest, until the sky went from red to black and the stars shone and exhaustion overcame her, and she never saw Chloe again.
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The door to room four on the third floor is made entirely of glass, with a small shiny handle. Beyond it, blocking further view into the rest of the area, is a plain white wall with a simple black sign:

The Second Gallery
Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one Second.

A small spotlight above the door shines onto the sign, drawing a gentle circle of light around it. The wall itself stands alone in the center of a small room. Moving around the wall reveals an archway behind it that opens up into the gallery itself.

The gallery is not actually large. Photos are hung against plain walls, each set against a white backdrop within a thin brown frame. Beside each photo is a small sign that includes the year the photo was taken and other information. The floor is covered with an almost-black carpet, while the ceiling is white, with small spotlights here and there, angled toward the photos. Throughout the gallery are wooden couches with thick white cushions, and small wooden coffee-tables with thick books on specific photographers and their work: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Salvador Dalí, and Robert Doisneau among others.

All along the bottom of the walls are words written in neat cursive: the entire text of the first chapter of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, running from one end of the gallery to the other, and repeating as often as needed. Interspersed among the words are simple drawings of Alice, or the White Rabbit, or other characters from the story.

There are currently only two rooms adjoining the gallery: the first is marked as The First Gallery and contains several paintings and other works, including one large eye-catching painting of an unidentified nobleman, hung prominently.

The second room is empty except for a small table and a sign that simply says: "Please leave any submissions to be added to The Second Gallery here, either printed or on a media storage device. Otherwise, contact Max Caulfield at room seven, third floor."

On the way out of the gallery, visitors will notice that the back of the wall that first greeted them has a short message:

Thank You
and remember these seconds always
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Who: Max Caulfield [personal profile] mypartnerintime and Chloe Price [personal profile] mypartnerincrime
When: Evening of October 9 to morning of October 10 in Life is Strange (while Max went into the picture to save William)
Where: Chloe's house/room
What: Staying up to research all night in a coffee-laden slumber party

[OOC: This is a practice log to help me and Chloe-mun get into character with our new muses.]

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