Nov. 11th, 2025

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[OOC: A day after her previous entry. Spoiler alert still applies.]

October 20

Hello Max, when was the last time you were off campus at night, since it reopened? Taking any more unplanned naps by the Tobanga?

Good thing you're too sleepy to think straight... )

I think I'll binge on cereal and look through some old photos. Obviously not the ones that don't exist anymore... Spilling the beans doesn't seem to have taken off- maybe it's time to call it quits. I'll be back to writing when something new actually happens.
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[OOC: A few days after her first entry. Spoiler alert still applies.]

October 19

It's so hard pretending none of this ever happened. (Did it, actually?) Time travel is nuts. Maybe I'm the one who's got her head on sideways.

Shall we give it a go? )
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[OOC: This is written almost a week after the events of the game, so it contains spoilers.]

October 16

Last week has got to be the most insane week of my life. Between all the Mad Maxing and Time Lording I can barely remember what happened. Maybe it'll help to write about it.

Let's recap... )

I don't know how much this is helping. Need some time alone...
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